How to Expand your Goblin Kings of War Army

How to Expand your Goblin Kings of War Army

27th September 2021 in Tactics by Elliott Barratt

After buying your first small army of Goblins for Kings of War - either in the War in the Holds boxed set, or Goblin Army deals - what's the best choice for expanding your forces? In this article we recommend some units for exactly that purpose.

From the Community

We asked this very question on the Greenskins Anonymous Facebook Page, with "If you had bought War in the Holds Starter set, and you wanted to expand your goblin army, which unit would you choose next (and comment why please!)". Here's what they had to say:

So it seems most people would choose either Luggits or Mincers, so let's look at them individually.


As the lore says, Luggits are the "slow witted and clumsy" brethren of the standard gobbo rabble, which translates to being Fearless and having lots of attacks for weilding big weapons! The Regiment in particular is a great value unit, coming in a 160 points.

Using the Tactical Wargames World Kings of War MathHammer tool, versus an average Defense 4, Nerve 14/16 unit we get the following results:

24 points per wound is nothing to sniff at, and the fact that Luggits also get Wild Charge D3 (making their threat range 11-13 inches) is just icing on the cake. Heck, adding a Brew of Sharpness for an extra 35 points boost the average wounds caused up to 8.89, with a rout chance of ~60% at 22 points per wound!

Alternatively, chuck a brew of strength and suddenly you've got a Crushing Strength (2) unit running around for 190 points. TLDR; most Goblin forces will benefit from one to two of these units.


Whilst technically a Mincers Regiment can out perform a Luggits Regiment in raw damage dealt, they have to do this on the charge, with a charge range maxed out at 10 inches. Added to that Mincers do not unlock other units, and the Chariot Regiment footprint is significantly larger than an Infantry Regiment. 

On the charge points per wound dealt vs the same average unit reaches a low 20 points, but counter charging it'll be at 25 points per wound. However, the combination of being fearless and also having the Big Shield rule means they're likely to stick around to be able to get off another charge/counter charge.

Other Considerations

As Billy Capgun suggests:

Having bought a War in the Holds box, adding more Trolls is definitely a viable expansion, with a Trolls Horde doing a good amount of damage at a threat range of 12 inches, combined with a high defense, nerve and Regeneration (5+). This makes the unit more grindy than Luggits or Mincers, good for opposing enemy advances and clearing higher defense units.