Free Deadzone Tournament Software

Free Deadzone Tournament Software

The Best Free Deadzone Tournament Software


No cost, unlimited tournaments.


Nothing to install.

Mobile Friendly

Designed for all devices.

Live View

Real time results and updates.

Multiple Scoring Systems

Blackjack, Herts, Northern Kings...

Smart Table Assignment

Random 1st round tables.

Swiss Sorting

Scoring system dependant.

DZBuild Integration

Easily submit to tournaments.

Are you looking for the most feature rich, well laid out, fast tournament software for Deadzone by Mantic games? Well look no further!

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Advanced Features:

Submit a list to a DZTourney Tournament

The prefferred method to submit lists to a tournament is by Registering for a free TWW account, and using DZBuild to submit your list. This will automatically add your list to the tournament and allow the TO to see an already verified / points accurate list. Make your TO's life easy :) otherwise, use the form below.
Enter your name as you'd like it to appear.
The Tournament Number is a unique ID provided by the organisers.
If your list is in a file (pdf etc) provide a link to it here.
Select your main faction, or "Undecided" if you don't wish to state yet.