The Midlands & Telford Wargames Society is one of the premier war gaming clubs in the country, playing a wide selection of table top, Role Playing and other games. Located in Wellington, the club can be easily travelled to from:

The club specialises in Mantic's Kings of War, Kings of War Vanguard, Armada, Warpath and Deadzone as well as Dungeons and Dragons, Battlezone, Wild West Exodus, Flames of War, 40K and more.

Club dates are every Friday evening from 7pm and alternating Sunday afternoons from 11am. Walk-ins are welcome, although with recent popularity it is worth emailing in - we can find you an opponent, or reserve a table.

Telford Wargames Society has a wealth of over 20 years of experience, tables and scenery to cover most wargames. Always play on a well dressed, thoughtfully laid out table.

Facilities include on site WC, and the hall is situated in central Wellington, less than a minutes walk to the high street shops.

Telford Wargames Society

Contact Details:

Phone: 01952 417747